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Go-to-Market Alignment Defines Go-to-Market Success

In nearly two decades of go-to-market planning, having the opportunity to both set strategy and lead operations for Marketing, Sales, and Service teams, there is one lesson that stands out above the rest - There is never one, single answer to any business challenge. There are always many paths to successful outcomes. And while much time is spent on deliberating on a decision, optimal outcomes are only achieved if those decisions are aligned across all aspects of a business.

As an inexperienced leader, I, too, got caught up in "the decision", leveraging my networks and independent research for that singular answer. It took some failures to realize the decision would never matter if I did not give that decision a chance to succeed by ensuring key upstream and downstream facets were aligned, in lock-step, with each other.

The frustration of these failures helped me realize this important criteria of success and inspired the creation of AlignGTM

Our mission is to help growing businesses - inclusive of the entrepreneurs and developing leaders within those companies - build new and optimize existing go-to-market plans, by emphasizing alignment between a business' principles, its people, and the processes intended to create success.


Adam Feigenbaum - Founder, AlignGTM

Adam Feigenbaum's professional journey started modestly in 2001 as a Marketing Associate with start-up, software-as-a-service (SaaS) company called, iCIMS. With less than 10 employees and only a handful of customers, the company was far from the $250M annual recurring revenue, unicorn investment, it would become some 15+ years later. On that path from there to here, Adam was afforded many professional opportunities that his resume by no means justified at the time. However, through considerable personal drive and passion, not to mention quite a bit of trust and leniency from iCIMS' Founder and it's Board of Directors, he was able to both fail fast and fly high.

Feigenbaum soon lead the Marketing function with iCIMS, owning the demand generation, brand, and partnership strategies, in addition to go-to-market execution. In 2003, this mandate would grow to include building the company's go-to-market Sales infrastructure, and eventually Service operations, when he became one of the earliest Chief Customer Officers in North America. 

Throughout, Feigenbaum continued to focus on alignment between these three critical pillars of operational success, while also emphasizing the importance of developing diverse leaders at all levels of management. This combination helped build the foundation and foster the vibrant, customer-centric culture that would lead iCIMS to a decade of double-digit revenue growth and  market leadership status.

Today, Feigenbaum still leverages this experience to help senior Human Resources and Talent Acquisition executives manage the critical intersection of technology and Talent Acquisition. His experience has earned him numerous national speaking credits that include the SHRM Annual Conference, and the Human Resource Executive HR Technology Conference, along with many regional engagements around the country. A lifelong New Jersey native, Feigenbaum also proudly holds a BS in Business Management from Rutgers Business School and most recently became a founding Advisory Board Member of the Rutgers Business School Center for Women in Business.


       Adam Feigenbaum - Founder, AlignGTM

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